Carpet Cleaning

For more than 50 years, Amarpak dry cleaner has been the carpet servicing expert people have trusted to deliver the best carpet cleaning service in Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.

Amarpak’s carpet cleaning team removes almost all sorts of stains, as long as it would not damage the carpet. Our carpet cleaning process involves personalized care for each type of carpet, as every carpet we receive has to be treated differently. Going into the specifics would complicate things, but just to give you an idea; we separate carpets into three categories: hand-made, woolen, and synthetic. Each type has its own characteristics, such as the synthetic ones that can be thoroughly watered and brushed while hand-made ones require much more delicacy to be cleaned. In other words, a carpet cleaned by Amarpak will be done justice to.

For even more sensitive items, Amarpak resorts to other methods of cleaning such as the use of special chemicals or steam. Although we don’t actually use steam to clean. Such methods allow us to safely treat damage-prone aread, removing dirt and odors without leaving behind any residue. Thus, the next time your carpets need a wash, contact Amarpak!

You can either drop off your dry cleaning items at Amarpak laundry service or we can pick it up from your place. Visit one of our outlets or visit our website/call us on our number to book a home laundry pick-up and delivery or order an on-spot cleaning service.