On-Spot Service

On-Spot Service

In the On-Spot service Carpets, sofas and other household furniture can also be cleaned at your spot. We can send a team with the relevant equipment to get the job done so that you don’t have to drop off and pick up your items to/from our outlets.

On-Spot (on demand) cleaning service of Amarpak is Pakistan’s leading sofa cleaning and carpet cleaning service.  Amarpak’s On Spot team units travel throughout Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi, offering premium cleaning services for the customers best utility and comfort. Our teams bring their own equipment to complete your service at your work, home or anywhere you demand.  We also have 12+ full-service outlets all over Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi, just in case you don’t want the On Spot service and are more comfortable in dropping your Items at one of our outlets.

Our expert staff is well trained to face any and all sorts of cloth materials your household items may be in. They have specific machinery for each type and difficult parts of your items, so no spot on your sofas and carpets is left undone. For the sensitive ones, our experts normally resort to manual brushing, where the angle and technique of bruising matters in accordance to the cloth. Furthermore, tricky fabrics such as special types of leathers are cleaned with special solvents, all custom made by the chemical experts back at Amarpak’s Laboratory.

Amarpak’s On Spot service has built a reputation for putting its customers first always.  This quality of ours that we take pride in is because we are a part of an industry where such conditions are rare.  Especially when combined with the standard you get where properly uniformed technicians of Amarpak arrive at your doorstep in the all equipped Amarpak van, ready to be used for no matter how hard the task.