On-Spot Service

Pickup and Delivery

Home laundry pickup and delivery service available for most of our services. Amarpak will pick up, process and deliver your items to you so that you don’t have to suffer from coming to our outlet.

Hate doing laundry or making a special painful trip to the dry cleaner during your busy and special hours? Let Amarpak ease the burden. We offer pickup and delivery services to individual customers, so you can sit back home, relax and leave all your laundry stress to us!

Amarpak will handle your laundry needs with excessive care and perfection. After all we have been doing this for the past 50+ years; we will separate whites, multi colored and darks and follow all instructions on the item’s tags.

After the clothes are wet washed, dry cleaned or pressed, we will fold them neatly or hang them on hangers and wrap them in a protective coating until they’re delivered to you with an option to either store them for a season or wear them right away.

Let us pickup your daily laundry so that you have time for what really matters, after all laundry must be the last thing you should be worried about in the 21st century. Use Amarpak pickup and save time, stress and money. Level up to the Amarpak way!

Amarpak laundry service commenced its laundry on-demand service to pick-up and deliver clothes from homes in 2020 under the limitations and the difficult time of the corona pandemic (covid-19). Amarpak is currently providing on-demand laundry service in mainland Islamabad, which only includes almost all E, F, G, H and I sectors of Islamabad.

Easy as ABC, visit our website and follow the simple steps or call us on our number to book a home laundry pick-up and delivery or order an on-spot cleaning service.