Sofa Cleaning

The sofas in your home are a big investment, and due to the everyday use, they get dirty and look poor! Our sofa cleaning experts specialize in cleaning all types of materials effectively and safely.They use different machinery and special brushes according to the material of your product. There are special departments and experts who deal with your sofa in our factories. Your sofa goes through a special process to get the dirt removed and get you back what it was like when you bought it new. We deal in every type, size and shape of sofas. Additionally, if it is uncomfortable for you to hand over your product to our outlet, Amarpak is proud to give you On Spot cleaning service at your very home. Our sofa cleaning experts will arrive at your location with the special modern machinery used to clean the sofa. They will deal with your product as well as they do in our factories.So in order to get on-spot service visit our website or call us for your appointment and here we come:)

You can either drop off your dry cleaning items at Amarpak laundry service or we can pick it up from your place. Visit one of our outlets or visit our website/call us on our number to book a home laundry pick-up and delivery or order an on-spot cleaning service.